Work with me on a path to wellness

When you work with me, you will take some of the first steps in a long and gradual journey towards improving your diet, health and happiness.

Whether we work together in person or by phone, or you simply purchase my cookbook, as you incorporate new food and habits methodically or in spurts, any small shift helps to move you forward on the path. There is no timetable for change; you set your own pace based on your situation and level of motivation. I’m there to help and guide.

What I find inspiring about the power of food is the opportunity to witness the transformations of my clients. The starting point is specific and measured. For example, clients may aim to increase their energy and lose weight, to manage a health condition, or to transition to a gluten-free or otherwise allergen-free diet. A new mindset is acquired that supports an improved eating plan and time management strategies. The individual becomes better, stronger, more energized and more positive.

Then something else happens, both unplanned and uncharted. Feeling in control of their lives, empowered by their success in the kitchen and with self-improvement, my clients start to see a world of opportunity open up before them.

They envision change in other areas of their lives that would have seemed unfathomable or too overwhelming to take on in the past. With this new optimism, another set of goals suddenly seems possible and attainable. The experience of taking control of their food and self-care becomes the fuel for ending or starting a relationship, moving to a different home or job, or returning to a rewarding pastime. In short, one positive change begets another, and thus life may become more fulfilling.

Imagine what it could be for you

The pursuit of eating and living well is never really over. As you age, your nutritional needs and taste preferences may change. Some foods won’t fit your diet plan anymore because you will make lifestyle changes, or your health will require you to incorporate different foods into your dietary regimen. Once you become more confident in the kitchen and familiar with a wider variety of foods, adjusting to your new diet will evolve naturally. Undoubtedly you will evolve in other areas of your life as well.

Who knows where your journey will go, as you carry on the process of self-discovery and the creation of your own recipe for a healthy life!

Let’s build a recipe for a healthy you!