The Recipe for a Healthy Life Cookbook

It was always my dream to author a cookbook that would take my work as a coach and chef to the next level by empowering more people to cook easy, delicious and nutritious recipes. When you do more of your own cooking, eat less processed food and depend less on restaurants, you reclaim a measure of control over your health each day and for the future. The healthy life cookbook will help you to cultivate a mindset to try new foods, learn new skills in the kitchen, and apply time-management tools to support your dietary goals that will survive the test of time.

The intention of the cookbook is to empower you to expand your diet and cooking repertoire to include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and high-quality proteins and fats. The recipes should be considered templates for learning easy and fast preparation techniques and are designed with customization in mind, for you to alter according to your tastes and nutritional needs. Ultimately, you will not need to remember a lot of recipes. Rather, this book provides basic skills training that will enable you to make the individual components of an endless variety of dishes that may be made from scratch or from leftovers.

The makeup of your optimal diet should be comprised of elements that fit your lifestyle and physical needs. For example, your schedule may require you to combine leftover food to take to work for lunch or to take healthy snack food with you on the go. Most importantly, your food has to “work for you.” When helping my clients, determining which foods can help to strengthen or weaken their individual bodies is part of the discovery process. You can start to do this evaluation on your own on a daily basis by paying attention to how particular foods impact how you feel and function, after a meal or even the next day.

Allergy-Free and Good for All

Many of the recipes included in the healthy life cookbook are purposely gluten free so that a greater number of people can enjoy them, and because they are delicious and nutritious. In addition, gluten-free grains add color, texture, and flexibility to your diet. I offer substitutions throughout the book for those looking to exclude dairy from their diets as well. Over the years, my experience has taught me that a lot of people are allergic or sensitive to gluten and/or dairy ingredients, which are causing or worsening many of their complaints. Click here for information to help you to assess whether you may be sensitive to gluten.

Make the Healthy Life Cookbook Your Own

My hope is that you will make these recipes your own, adding whatever spices and ingredient combinations you like. Try the suggested variations to fine-tune the recipes and to keep it interesting. The idea is to develop a weekly routine of cooking the basics and then supplementing or changing it as you go along.

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Ingredients for a Better You

It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to eat and live well. If you are open to expanding your diet with colorful and fresh foods, cooking more, and depending less on processed foods and restaurants, you can take better control of your health. It can be a subtle, yet powerful transformation.

The Recipe for a Healthy Life Cookbook will encourage you to try new foods, learn new skills in the kitchen, and apply time-management tools to your weekly food preparation.

You will also find articles to guide you in cultivating simple habits that support your intention to eat well and feel better. This cookbook provides recipes, strategies, and practical advice to create a recipe for a healthy life.