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What is a Recipe for a Healthy Life?

Have you been wanting to…

  • lose weight and maintain healthy eating habits with foods you enjoy?
  • improve your sleep and energy?
  • reduce your food cravings?
  • shop for and prepare food with ease and confidence?
  • find out if a gluten-free, or allergy-free diet makes you feel better?
  • get into better habits that will decrease your stress and increase your overall happiness?
Are you open to change?

It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to eat and live well. If you are open to slowly incorporating new wholesome foods into your routine, and willing to expand your diet with a variety of flavors and combinations, you will be able to get yourself on a healthy path. It can be that simple and can be achieved on your own timetable. If you are patient and trust that your body will respond to nourishing fuel, you will gradually see results in your health and wellbeing. It can be a subtle, yet powerful transformation.

To sustain a healthy eating regimen other changes may also need to be considered, such as mindset, relationship to food, time-management strategies in shopping and preparation, sleep, exercise and productive ways to relax and de-stress.

Changing your habits could change your life.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and professionally trained chef, I enjoy the challenge of helping people to discover which foods improve their health, are easy to prepare, and taste good. In my experience, most people are doing the best they can to eat and live well, given their busy lifestyles and lack of familiarity with other food options. However, they struggle with their weight, fatigue, sleep, digestion, sugar cravings, food allergies and much more. We live in a world that’s overloaded with information on food and health topics, making it difficult for individuals to sort out what kind of diet would help them reach their goals, and how to implement it.

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Cooking Instruction

Whether we prepare and cook food together as part of my health coaching program, or just cooking instruction,
I can empower you
with the practical skills to:
  • Prepare easy and delicious healthy snacks and meals.
  • Learn time management strategies that enable you to eat well every day.
  • Become a smart shopper–spend less and get more variety and nutritional value.
Gluten Free Recipes

Happy to be Gluten Free

Over the years, my experience has taught me that a lot of people are allergic or sensitive to gluten and/or dairy ingredients, which are causing or worsening many of their complaints. Could this be your issue?
I can help you assess this.

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Health is Wealth.

If you could put a value on your health and happiness, what would it be: $1 million? $100 million? Is it not priceless? Our minds and bodies are the engine of our existence, yet it may be functioning at 50% capacity, and we don’t know any differently. We get used to our fatigue, our imperfect shape, our sleep disturbances and even believe it’s normal to have difficulty losing weight or irregular digestion. Maybe it is just too overwhelming to figure out what to do differently, or too painful to put restrictions on our food choices or to eat unfamiliar food.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need willpower or deprivation to generate more energy or feel better in your body. Your body already has the wisdom it needs to be healthy and strong and function as best it can. As your expert guide and health coach, I can help you determine what is the best food to fuel your system and how to sustain it, even if you are limited by time or food intolerances. I educate my clients in the care and maintenance of their most precious asset…their health.


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