I’ll Help You Create a Recipe for a Healthy Life!

Sharon Goldner – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,
Chef, Wellness Speaker and Author

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Imagine A Better You

Have you been wanting to

  • lose weight and maintain healthy eating habits with foods you enjoy?
  • improve your sleep and energy?
  • reduce your food cravings?
  • shop for and prepare food with ease and confidence?
  • find out if a gluten-free, or allergy-free diet makes you feel better?
  • get into better habits that will decrease your stress and increase your overall happiness?

Changing your habits could change your life. Are you open to change and becoming a better you?

Take the First Step Towards a Better You

Health Coaching

My expertise is to help you to determine what works best for a better you and making this process successful and enjoyable.

Distance Coaching

Nothing can stand in your way if you want to make the healthy change, not even distance!

Cooking Instruction

Let me show you how to save time & money to prepare the food that will help you reach your delicious goals!

Is Gluten-Free for You?

Out of personal and professional experience, this is the one diet actually worth considering to help make a better you.

My Cookbook

Discover how fun, delicious and easy it is to create snacks and meals that will help you take control of health. My cookbook also features exclusive tips for daily living.


Join me at any upcoming classes or events designed to give you some food for thought and some new ideas to try in your kitchen!

Hear what others have to say

I know it can feel like a big step to make when you’re looking at your health situation and how to change it. Especially entrusting that change to someone else for guidance. Have a look at how I helped others get on the path to better health & a happier life.

Take control of your life

I understand how people can become so entrenched in poor eating choices and bad habits that they cannot envision a way out.

Allow me to empower you with a completely new toolset designed to help you change your routine and reach your goals.

I invite you to take the first step to take control of your future:  let’s talk about how to create a better you!